Bramarno Parson Russell Terriers

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Professional Parson Russell Terrier Hand Stripping                                       £15.00 per hour

We breed and show Parson Russell Terriers to Championship Show standard and specialise in hand stripping techniques. It is important that you treat your terriers coat in the correct way to avoid it changing structure and appearance. 

The Parson Russell Terriers "Jacket"  should NEVER be clipped. 

This will cause the coat to become soft, fluffy and it will matt easily. It can also cause problems for the skin if the coat is not stripped. Terrier coats are designed to come out when "snagged" in bushes, hunting down holes etc. Therefore if the dead hair is not "plucked" or "stripped" so that new hairs can grow your dogs coat will never be at its best. 

Talk to us about how we can help you keep your terriers coat in outstanding natural condition from puppy hood to old age! I only groom to championship breed standard, so you can be sure that if you ever fancy trying to qualify for Crufts...your dog will definitely look the part!!

Discounts available to PRT owners who own Pacolito and Bramarno bred dogs!

Coat Rescue and Re-Start Appointment

£20.00 per hour

If you have just read the above and thought "OH NO! we have always clipped our Parson, his coat is ruined!" Fear not. It IS possible to regain your PRT's natural coat structure and texture by starting to hand strip instead of clipping. 

However,  how fluffy/soft the hair has become will determine how long it will take to regain the perfect coat. I am happy to take your dogs coat right back to its "Pajamas" in order to encourage the new coat to grow and help develop the true structure and texture. Once the coat is "re-set" you would then only need the regular stripping appointments.

This may take a number of hours or appointments to get the clipped coat out and for the new coat to begin to grow. I have to give the dog lots of little breaks and lots of love and cuddles,  as stripping out a previously clipped coat is difficult and very time consuming. My first priority is ALWAYS the comfort of the dog, therefore I always go at their pace. Some will stand and let me just get on with the job, others require more reassurance and time - especially if they have never been stripped before. 

If your thinking "is it worth it? shall I just carry on clipping? its cheaper and he looks fine...."

Take a look at two of my clients case studies below. 

Please note that Hand Stripping does not automatically  include a bath and blow dry. Please see further down the page for treatments you can add on to your stripping appointment.

Client Number 1: Fynn

This is one of my clients pet PRT's before his very first Rescue and Re-Start appointment.

He suffered from sore skin problems that no one could find a remedy for, not even his vet. He had always been previously clipped... I suspected that having his coat stripped out and starting again would help his skin condition....

Here he is 3 hours later, after his initial full Rescue and Re-Start appointment and I am happy to say that 6 months on, his skin and coat are now much healthier and his true coat structure is returning! He even has undercoat and top coat now!

This was done 

COMPLETELY BY HAND and finished by trimming and scissoring the face, feet undercarriage and tail.

Client Number 2: Mr Wilson!

Here is another of my lovely clients! This was also his first restart appointment, however in this case he had had a mixture of stripping and clipping previously. This made regaining his natural structure a little easier as he had some undercoat as well as the fully top coat....

Here he is 2 hours later! Taken "right down to his pyjamas" by hand and having had his face, feet, undercarriage and tail trimmed and scissored.

Here he is after his first maintenance appointment 3 months later. You can already see how his coat is now returning to its natural structure and texture. Lovely boy! I love grooming Wilson!

Spa Menu

Ideal for adding onto a Hand Stripping session, when you don't need a full groom or for adding a special treatment to your dogs appointment.

The Shampoodle and Go!                                   -   £10.00

Bath and Blow dry using products matched to your breeds coat needs. Whether your dog needs a regular bathing appointment, or if you require an emergency "mucky pup" service, we can normally fit you in at short notice. Why not add one of our Spa Treatments between full grooming appointments?

The Poochicure                                                     - £6.00

Clipping and filing of your dogs nails, followed by trimming of the fur between the pads and a pad moisturising treatment to keep your dogs feet supple and protected from everyday damage.

The Deluxe Poochicure                                       - £8.50

This is the ultimate in paw care! Your dog will be treated to a canine foot spa using Warren of London Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz Tablets. These tablets are for a deep cleansing, while also helping to fight fungus and bacteria. They also work to brighten the nails and soften rough worn out paws, the seaweed extract acts as an extended moisturiser keeping pads supple for longer. Includes Clipping and filing of your dogs nails, followed by trimming of the fur between the pads.

Deep Conditioning Coat Treatment                      - £5.00 

Keeping your dogs coat silky and knot free or just simply shining with vitality can be a hard task! This treatment will penetrate the coat and treat the skin. Its like you going for your favourite facial and wrap!

Restructuring Coat Treatment                            - £5.00  

Ideal for Terriers or harsh coated breeds that have lost their natural coat feel and appearance. This treatment will be prescribed specifically for your dogs coat type and breed standard to restore the coat texture they were born with!

Skin Rescue Treatment                                       - £7.00

For soothing skin that suffers from dryness or itching. Extra care is taken to massage your dogs skin to encourage blood flow followed by moisturising of particular problem areas with veterinary recommended products.

Angel Eyes Treatment                                       - £5.00

A treatment for white dogs. removes tear and beard stains leaving your dog sparkling white again!

Micro-Chipping                 - £15.00

                                              -  £12.00 when booked with a grooming service

Em is a veterinary trained micro-chip implanter for Pet Detect, who work with Petlog and the Kennel Club. Don't risk loosing your beloved companion. If your dog was not chipped by its breeder, let us do it for you now. Special rates available for breeders with litters and rescue centres. 

                       BY LAW ALL DOGS WILL HAVE TO MICROCHIPPED BY 2016!

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