Bramarno Parson Russell Terriers

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  • tommy's first dinner on his own!
    tommy's first dinner on his own!
  • rufus asleep with daddy!
    rufus asleep with daddy!
  • rufus's first dinner on his own!
    rufus's first dinner on his own!
  • kipper's first dinner on his own!
    kipper's first dinner on his own!
  • Rufus having sleepy cuddles with his new mum Jill!
    Rufus having sleepy cuddles with his new mum Jill!
  • rufus and hollie
    rufus and hollie
  • Rufus's first 1 on 1 playtime with aunty hollie!
    Rufus's first 1 on 1 playtime with aunty hollie!
  • penny first time on the lead!
    penny first time on the lead!
  • kippers first dinner on his own
    kippers first dinner on his own
  • diggity with double bunny
    diggity with double bunny
  • Mairi and Jon with Queenie and Kipper
    Mairi and Jon with Queenie and Kipper
  • Queenie second time on the table
    Queenie second time on the table
  • Ruffus and Jill... new dad Anthony didn't get a look in!
    Ruffus and Jill... new dad Anthony didn't get a look in!
  • rufus would rather sit on the table!
    rufus would rather sit on the table!
  • Penny second time on the table
    Penny second time on the table
  • sara and mark with diggity
    sara and mark with diggity
  • Tommy second time on the table
    Tommy second time on the table
  • V second time on the table
    V second time on the table
  • rufus second time on the table
    rufus second time on the table
  • Kipper second time on the table
    Kipper second time on the table

Pup 1:

Sex: Girl

Status: Sold

KC name: Bramarno Adlige Seltnvogel

Nickname: Nell

Birth weight: 194g

Markings: Tan head patch


photo at 15 days old




Day 12: a very big day for penny today! not only has she opened both eyes, but she has been trying to stand up and has been waddling all over the puppy pen! she has  a beautiful expression already! she is now 516g and is making good progress. We have decided that her head marking looks like a 1940's pill box hat! very stylish!


Day 8:  Penny has had yet another restful day to day, a little cuddle with her litter mates, a little light lunch, more cuddles! She has now gone up to 356g  now and is starting to develop her ear muscles!


Day 6:  Seltenvogel has had a restful day today apart from being woken up by mum for baths and milky time! She was very vocal during her exercises tonight! she has gone up to 315g today!


Day 5: She wont stay still enough during puppy plan exercises for me to get a good new photo at the min! I will try to catch her when she's sleeping! She has made good progress with her weight over night and is now 290g.


Day 4: Seltenvogel has been picking up the pace on the race to the milk bar today! every time I've looked in the basket, there she is suckling away like a little piglet! Her head patch seems to be developing nicely with a little black lining to the ear fold. She is now 253g at 4 days old


Day 3: This little girl is lovely and lively in the whelping pen, and likes to let everyone know where she is with the cutest squeak ever! Not pushy at the milk bar but makes sure she gets her share!

Pup : 2

Sex: Boy

Birth weight: 196g

KC name: Bramarno Offizier Lusiant

Status: Sold houdini will be going to live with Mairi and Jon in Plymouth!

Markings: symmetrical dark tan/brown ears tan beauty spot on left cheek.


photo at 15 days old



 Day 12: Houdini opened his left eye just as I took this photo! very special moment to witness! he has been living up to his name again today... we just follow the squeaks! he had managed to get to the other end of the puppy pen and was trying to cuddle a tug rope! I think he was telling it off for not being warm! he has now gone up to 437g.



Day 8: Houdini is really starting to look a very handsome little man now! his beauty spot is becoming more pronounced and there is  clear definition between the black and tan rings around his ears. He has now gone up to 343g and has slept practically all day today!


Day 6: Houdini did not like the upside down part of his exercises tonight! I may have spoken to soon about him enjoying it! he did enjoy his ear rub as usual though and gave Mat a lick.  He has now reached 294g.He has been up to his mountain climbing escapades again today!


Day 5: Houdini is making good progress in his weight, he is now 271g. He is developing a big spot on his nose now, which is very cute! He is starting to enjoy his puppy plan nightly exercise's  and isn't wriggling so much when being put on his back.


Day 4: The beauty spots on Houdini's cheek are developing now  and he really does look adorable! he's taken to sleeping with Tommy which is very cute as they give each other cuddles! He is now 245g at 4 days old.


Day 3:  Meet Houdini! This pup is causing much hilarity (and the occasional heart attack!) as he has a penchant for escaping from the whelping box. He is going to be a very inquisitive little soul! When we here lots of squeaking, we go to see where he has tried to escape to this time!

Pup : 3

KC name:

Bramarno Schon Fuchsbau

Status:  firmly reserved

New owners: Fuchsbau is going to own Mark and Sara Scannell!

Pet name: Diggity

Sex: Girl

Birth weight: 187g

Markings: left black and tan eye patch, right brown ear, brown patch lower back.


photo at 15 days old


Day 12: Diggity has been putting Tommy in his place at the milk bar today! she has opened her eyes and she has a beautiful face! you can see on this photo how she looks like she has perfectly shaped ladies eyebrows! I am now certain she is going to be high maintenance! I hope you are ready to be owned by a complete attention diva Mark and Sara! Diggity has now gone up to 522g.



Day 8: Diggity has now developed the loudest squeak  in the litter! We think she is going to have a very active demeanour if her darting around in the whelping basket is anything to go by! she has gone up to 380g which is great going!


Day 6: Diggity was not very happy about having to do her daily exercises  today as she was enjoying a lovely warm nap with Tommy! She has reached 339g today and is starting to fill out nicely. her nose is starting to change colour and she is showing more interest in trying to explore her surroundings... but I think she's just seeing if there is anywhere warmer!


Day 5: Fuchsbau has now been given her new name by Sara and Mark and will forthwith  be known as "Diggity"! Todays photo shows her markings much more clearly. She has gone up to 290g which is good going for 24 hours! She is starting to respond very well to her puppy plan exercise and particularly likes the part where she has her little ears rubbed!


Day 4: as usual, little fuchsbau is having a snooze after her evening milk! she is developing a little squeak when she's asleep now and can fall asleep in practically any position! She is now 270g at 4 days old.


Day 3: This little girl is doing really well and is a little more polite at the milk bar than her brothers! However when it comes to the warm patch in the basket... watch out! She loves to  cuddle up with mum between her front feet. Prime location of course! The word Diva is springing to mind!

Pup : 4

Status: Sold

New Owners: Mairi and Jon!

Pet Name: Queenie

Sex: girl

KC name: Bramarno Konigin Mauzhertz

Birth weight: 175g

Markings: Pure White with "eyeliner"


photo at 15 days old



Day 12: I know your not supposed to have favourites when your a parent... however when your a puppies "grandma" your allowed! Queenie just fills us with joy! she has been trying to stand up and walk today and we cant wait for her to open her other eye so we can see the marking around it properly. She has gone up to 443g now and even though she is catching up in weight, she is maintaining her light, delicate frame.


Day 8: Queeny is such a good name for this gorgeous little princess! She has the sweetest facial features appearing and is going to have beautiful feminine bone structure. She is going to be an absolutely stunning little girl!


Day 6: I am delighted to announce that Mairi and Jon have chosen a pet name : "Queenie"! I think it suits her very well! She is the most biddable of the litter and doesn't fuss about any of the puppy plan exercises, even being on her back! she is developing nose pigmentation now and you can see her eyes getting ready to open... cant wait!


Day 5: Mouse has gone up to 241g which is fantastic going from her birth weight. The black liner around her eyes is becoming more noticeable now and she is enjoying being held on her back for a tummy rub during puppy plan time. She really is the most gorgeous little fur baby!


Day 4: Mouse is coming on leaps and bounds and is actually starting to be quite insistent that she gets as much milk bar time as she wants... which is every time I look in the basket! She has taken to sleeping on Jess's belly! She is now 213g at 4 days old.


Day 3: This little girl is the real baby of the litter so I have  nicknamed her "mouse". She needed a little help getting to the milk bar due to bigger siblings being a bit more pushy! She is now holding her own and pushing back! We are delighted that Mairi and Jon will be her new mummy and daddy and also that they will be picking one of her brothers as a companion. Welcome to the Bramarno family!

Pup : 5

Status: sold

KC name: Bramarno Kommandant Tommy

New owners: The Potts Family!

Pet name: Tommy

Sex: Boy

Birth weight: 214g

Markings: Tri-colour round left eye patch


Tommy at 15 days old



Day 12: Tommy has been having lots of cuddles with Spock today he's not choosy who he steals warmth off! he had us in stiches today as he was having a feed and jess decided it was time for a drink, so she got up and walked over to her bowls.... with tommy still attached and feeding! He was dragged across the pen latched on and continued to suckle away! Jess was not impressed and nudged him back to the fluffy! he is now 579g


Day 8: Tommy has is the first littermate to break the 400g mark! no surprise there! He is now 423g and is developing beautiful silky fur. His ears are getting so big that they are already starting to drop into their folded position and his feet are huge! he has slept all day to day cuddled up to queenie!


Day 5: Will has told me that they have all been out on a Tommy shopping spree today! He has thankfully slowed down at the milk bar so the others can get a look in but hoe has still gone up to 330g! he doesn't like the "being on my back" part of his exercises tonight but loved having his feet rubbed!


Day 4: Tommy has now started snoring in his sleep and flirting his legs about as if dreaming! what 4 day old puppy has to dream about I don't know! oh wait... its Tommy... so MILK! He really is the Don of the whelping box, all his brothers and sisters come to give him cuddles, he doesn't move unless its to go to get food! He is now 306g on day four, he has put on 41g in 24 hours!


Day 3: He is the biggest boy in the litter and certainly loves his milk! I wonder how long it will be before he can do the truffle shuffle! We are over the moon that Tommy is going to own the Potts family! Get a bigger fridge is all I can say Will and Alison!

Pup : 6

Sex: Boy

Birth weight: 165g

KC Name: Bramarno Kapitan Eisbiber

Status: V will be staying with us as the new show dog in the Bramarno Household!

Markings: Full black and tan left face mask, with V shape towards mouth.


photo at 15 days old





 Day 12: V is just starting to loose the seal on his left eye, so I think by tomorrow night he might be peeping at us! he has gone up to 467g now and is developing good thickness of bone in his legs. He has been having a chilled out day today, although he has been for an afternoon roll around the pen! he tries to get on his feet but then just barrel rolls to where he wants to be - very amusing!


Day 8:  V has gone up to 369g now and his lips are changing colour. He has done very well with his puppy plan exercises tonight but wasn't very happy that we woke him up from cuddles with Queeny! His facial features are becoming more prominent and he is going to have a beautiful coat!


Day 6: V has also been asleep for most of the day today! I think they are all on a growth spurt day. His nose pigmentation is starting to develop and you can see his eyes moving behind his little eyelids! he sleeps on his back now and snores! He has reached 308g today.


Day 5: V has been mostly cuddling up to mum all day today and has been very squeaky! He has now reached 276g. There are some lovely little spots appearing by his nose and he loves having the underneath of his back leg tickled!


Day 4: "V" is starting to develop  two black spots in the middle of his tan face marking . with a little bit of black liner at his mouth. He is now 249g at 4 days old. He doesn't particularly like doing the "Facing down" part of his puppy exercises!


Day 3: He has absolutely beautiful markings and is neither pushy or timid with his litter mates at the moment. Considering he is still blind, his stealth at sneaking into the milk bar when the others are not looking is masterful! He also loves his sleep and his favourite spot is underneath mums back leg!

Pup : 7

Sex: Boy

Birth weight: 200g

Status: Firmly reserved for Anthony Witton

KC name: Bramarno Mr Schneetmacher

Pet Name: Rufus

Markings: black and tan left face and ear patch, right ear black and tan, beauty spot on right cheek.


photo at 15 days old


Day 12: Spock's right eye is starting to open and he has now gone up to 538g. He has been lying on top of mums head for the most of today! but he has also been rolling Queenie about with his nose and paws! I don't know what he thinks she is! he is developing a lovely head and "stop" ( the point between his forehead and his muzzle).


Day 8: Spock has put some good weight on over the last 2 days and is now 384g. He is another one who's ears are beginning to fold down and he has started giving us a good old lick when we handle him. Beautiful boy!


Day 6: exact repeat of day 5! He did very well during his puppy exercises and has accepted the "being on my back" part now. He has reached 341g and has also started to develop large feet!


Day 5: Spock has had a very relaxing day today! sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, a little wander to the other side of the basket... repeat! he just needs a little cocktail with an umbrella and a pair of sunglasses! He looks like he's going to be a very laid back little boy!


Day 4: we have nicknamed this little boy "Spock" as we think his face marking looks like the enterprise symbol and he's got spock ears when he is eating! he has taken to sleeping completely on his back with his little legs stretched out into the air! He shakes his feet every now and then while he's doing it! He is now 275g at 4 days old.


Day 3: Another beautifully marked little boy. The little beauty spot on his right cheek reminds me of Prince George in Black Adder! He is very mild mannered with his litter mates at the moment and is always right behind Tommy for the milk bar!  

The Theme for our October 2013 litter is the TV Show "Grimm"

 The kennel club registration names of the pups will be based on some of our favourite Vessen from the show! we have put the meaning of each name in brackets.


Bramarno Schon Fuchsbau (Beautiful Fox Burrow)

Bramarno Kapitan Eisbiber (Captain Ice beaver)

Bramarno Offizier Lusiant (Officer shiny)

Bramarno Adlige Seltnvogel ( Lady kind hearted)

Bramarno Schneetmacher (snow maker) name reserved for Anthony Witton

Bramarno  Konigin Mauzhertz (Queen mouse heart)

Bramarno Kommandant Tommy(Commander Tommy)



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